Matica develops, manufactures and markets proprietary high performance, mid-range and desktop solutions for industrial card personalization and card mailing systems. The Group offers a full range of alternative personalization and encoding technologies for banking, government, access control, ID and transportation applications. The Matica companies provide local sales and service on a worldwide basis via its offices in Italy, Germany, France, India, Singapore, China, the USA and the UAE.

IDP printers are highly efficient and easy-to-order. Designed to be flexible, you can easily add a dual-side flipper, laminator or encoder at any time to make your IDP printer fit your long-term ID card printing needs. IDP has developed and manufactured ID badge printers since 2005. IDP printers have been designed and tested for real world conditions. They are flexible, highly efficient and easy-to-order.

With any IDP printer model, you can easily add a dual-side flipper, laminator or encoder after initial purchase to make your IDP printer fit your long-term card print needs. IDP Printers also feature FINE Imaging Technology which produces relatively high-quality card prints for the price. Boasting an innovative and useful design, IDP printers feature easy-to-reach front Input and Output Hoppers, simple printhead replacement, and drop-in printer ribbon cartridges. Each printer can be used with all leading card design software and boasts smart utilities that monitor your IDP printer’s progress. Finally, IDP printers are manufactured in ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified processes and have extensive quality control steps in place to provide you highly reliable and consistent card print technology.

Corvus Integration, Inc. is a Washington D.C. focused on the creation, delivery, and management of biometric, identity management, and security solutions. The company possesses a unique set of capabilities and partners ready to deliver a solution for your biometric and identity management needs.

Corvus maintains a diverse portfolio of biometric capture devices and has developed an identity management software application (Raven) that provides a full-function enrollment, identification, and matching capability through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Raven supports enrollment, identification, and verification of these biometrics: face, finger, and iris, voice, signature and palm. In addition, Raven supports ICAO document (passports and visas) verification by reading MRZ, the person’s face images, and the associated smart chip data.

All in all our partnership with Corvus allows us to supply and maintain different kinds of biometric and identity systems.